As every community has volunteers to help their community out, Fairhaven is no different.  All positions on the executive are filled by people with passion to volunteer their time and help out to build a stronger community. If you would like to be part of the executive please contact us and express your interest, all help is welcomed!!

Jason Hicks – President
Position is suited to a motivated individual with strong organization skills.  The president chairs meetings, works with community liasions and makes sure all legal documentation and grants are completed on time.

Vacant – Vice President
Position entails the same qualities needed for President. VP assists the President in regular duties to keep the association running.  The VP should work closely with the President with intent to move into that position when it becomes available.

Jolene Knoxx – Treasurer
The duties of a treasurer are to oversee the financial administration of the CA, review procedures and financial reporting, advise the executive on financial strategy, and keep the association within  the approved budget.  The Treasurer should have an understanding of accounting and a working knowledge of the bylaws governing the community’s operation.

Vacant – Secretary
This position ensures meetings are organized by providing an agenda as well as taking informative minutes.  The position is important in maintaining effective records and administration while upholding legal requirements.

Ashlee Hicks – Indoor Coordinator
The Indoor Coordinator plays a vital role in the success of  our indoor programs.  This person is integral in finding instructors (paid positions), booking gym space and working closely with the City of Saskatoon for all required paperwork.

Tasha Wilson – Social Coordinator
The Social Coordinator works with volunteers to organize and host community events.  Also applies for grants for additional funding for the events.

Barb Dyck – Newsletter Coordinator
The Newsletter Coordinator creates all of the newsletters and notices for the CA (usually 4 per year).  Also responsible to invoice all ads and collect the funds.  Works with volunteers to have the newsletters delivered or takes the necessary steps with Canada Post to have the letter carriers deliver.

Chase Carter – Rink Coordinator
This position is responsible for the start up/shutdown and maintenance of the outdoor rink.

Vacant – Volunteer Coordinator
This position would work with other organizations in and around our community to make new connections and grow our volunteer base.  We need volunteers to help deliver newsletters, organize bottle drives, and help put on community events just to name a few.

Marci Baker – Website Coordinator

Marci Baker – Soccer Coordinator

The Soccer coordinator accepts registrations for the soccer season and organizes the teams, finds coaches, etc.  Working closely with Saskatoon Youth Soccer and other communities to make sure that everyone who wants to participate is able to.   

Shane Carter – City of Saskatoon Liaison

The City of Saskatoon Liaison works with the CA to ensure all documents are filed when necessary and more importantly, brings information from the City as well as other CA’s to help us become more successful.