Jun 17

Fairhaven Focus – June 2015 Edition

Feb 19

Fairhaven Focus – February 2015 Edition

Jan 30

FCA Outdoor Soccer 2015 – Registration

(Season runs May to June)

In person registration night will be held:
Monday February 23rd at Fairhaven Elementary School 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Register online now at: ssa-fairhavencommunitysoccer.goalline.ca/register.php

A Fairhaven community Association membership fee of $10.00 per family per year is required to participate. Fairhaven Community Association honours all other community association memberships.

• Under 4 – $30.00 (Born 2011 & 2012) Kinder Soccer is not eligible to enter the tournament (no shirts provided)
• Under 6 – $70.00 (Born 2009 & 2010) Timbits shirts are provided by Tim Hortons
• Under 8 – $75.00 (Born 2007 & 2008) Jersey Deposit of $35 required
• Under 10 – $80.00 (Born 2005 & 2006) Jersey Deposit of $35 required

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Nov 23

Outdoor Rink Update – 2014/2015 Season

The rink has enough floods on to start skating! There are a few rough spots but those should disappear as I continue to add more floods.

Light Update: The lights have been updated and will not be staying on 24 hrs like last year. They are on a timer and will stay on 6 hrs past sunset.

Public Skating (without hockey sticks): The signs will be put up soon and will have the times that families can enjoy a skate without dodging pucks and sticks. We are looking for people/families to supervise these times. To help out your community it would be great to see a family volunteer for a week of supervision. Supervision of a public skating time is easy….you can go for a skate and just make sure that kids do not have hockey sticks on ice. If you are already going to be going for a skate you might as well help out your community!!

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Aug 29

FCA Basketball Registration 2014

SMBA Fall League runs from October – March

Registration will take place at James L. Alexander School on Tuesday September 9, 2014 from 6:30- 8:00. If you are unable to make it that night, final registration is Thursday September 11, 2014 at Bedford Road Collegiate from 7:00-9:00.

We make every effort to ensure the kids are placed on teams within the community, however they may be placed with other community associations due to lack of teams, coaches or gym times.

Registration Fees are:

Spuds (Grades 3 & 4) – $100.00
Minis (Grades 5 & 6)- $130.00
Bantam (Grades 7 & 8) – $140.00
Midget (Grades 9 & 10) – $160.00
Juvenille (in high school under age 19) – $190.00

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Aug 11

FCA Indoor Soccer 2014 – Registration

Two Registration nights will be held:

Tuesday, September 9
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Fairhaven School
Thursday, September 11
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
St. Mark School

Register online now at ssa-fairhavencommunitysoccer.goalline.ca  (Season runs October – March)

A Fairhaven community membership fee of $10.00 per family per year is required to participate. Fairhaven Community Association honors all other community association memberships.

  • Under 4 – $40.00 Age 4-5 yrs (Born 2011  & 2012) Kinder Soccer is not eligible to enter the tournament and the program will only run from Sept through November (no shirts provided).

Games Under-4 Mon to Fri 6pm practice/mini game (45min practice per week in school gyms)

  • Under 6 – $90.00 Age 4-5 yrs (Born 2009  & 2010) Timbits shirts are provided by Tim Hortons.

Games Under-6 Mon to Fri 6pm & 7pm games (½ hour practice and ½ hour game per week in school gyms) also 5 mini jamborees @ STSC one Sunday/month 11am-8pm

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Jun 04

Theatre in the Park – July 4 to 23 (Fairhaven July 21st – Monday)

It’s FREE and it’s AWESOME!!!!

Apr 15

2014-2015 Aces Hockey Registration is now OPEN

Mar 18

Community Executive Open Positions (President/Vice President)

At this years Annual General Meeting there are some positions that will be available.

President – Soon to be Vacant

Desiree Carter, long term volunteer and current president, will be stepping down at the AGM.  After ten years on the executive, five years as president, Desiree will be taking on a member at large role and also helping out her loving husband doing the rink….I can write that because I’m the husband :)

Vice President – Vacant

Indoor Coordinator Assistant

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Mar 18

2014 Outddoor Skating Season Complete

March 9th seemed to be the weather that we were looking for to start spring and along with the weather started the great melt of the rink.

It was another great and extended year thanks to the new lights. See you next year!!


Volunteer Rink Coordinator

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