The rink has enough floods on to start skating! There are a few rough spots but those should disappear as I continue to add more floods.

Light Update: The poles and power are ready but we had a little snag on the lights being back ordered. We expect to have them installed in December once they arrive. So there will be lights this year!! A huge thanks to Hundseth Line Construction and the City of Saskatoon for helping get the poles and power in.  Thursday public skating will be dependent on installation of lights.

Public Skating (without hockey sticks): The signs will be put up soon and will have the times that families can enjoy a skate without dodging pucks and sticks. We are looking for people/families to supervise these times. To help out your community it would be great to see a family volunteer for a week of supervision. Supervision of a public skating time is easy….you can go for a skate and just make sure that kids do not have hockey sticks on ice. If you are already going to be going for a skate you might as well help out your community!!

On the right side of the page shows the public skating calendar, if there is a week that you can supervise please email me and I will update the calendar with your name.

Public Skating: Thursdays 6 – 8pm, Saturday 1 – 3pm and Sunday 3 – 5pm

If you have any questions, concerns or want to sign up for a week of supervision please email

Have a Great Winter,
Volunteer Rink Coordinator